Chapter 9: The Missing Spark

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August 18th, San Jose, Occupied Zlocan territory. 20:30 PST.

In the dark night outside San Jose, the dim lights from the city can be seen. Likely due to the heavy attacks from the Zlocu, most of the city's remains have been left in ruins or reconstructed into prison centers, as the vigilance towers above them show. Outside downtown, there's a gigantic wall surrounding the city up from the north to the south and as well to the east and west side. The wall has a dark grey color in it with red neon grids stretching around the wall. It has 16 pillars in the top of each side, also having railguns placed at the top. In the ground, there's a door located in the center of each wall, a huge horizontal one which surprisingly no guards on sight. But still, it appears that there are no intruders passing by. Lastly, between the border of each side, there are the massive pillars that are heavily bulky in shape compared to the rest of the structure, with the center of it having a cubic red light.

Clearly, Zlocans have prepared much more than expected for Humanity.

Near the mountains of the east side, seven F-35s planes fly by. They're colored black with stripes between the two wings. They're flying in the classical V formation that most planes have. In front of them lies the city of San Jose surrounded by the wall.

An attempt at heroism it seems?

"This is Whiplash 1. San Jose is in our sights now." one of the pilots says, his plane set on sight to the city itself.

"Good. Getting any visual on the wall?" another voice replies, this time from the command base.

"Yes, sir. And as you said, carrying out the operation on nighttime will surely turn the tables for our liberation campaign. Their radar won't pick us up."

"Good. Make sure that once all the cannons are disabled, destroy the cores for each wall on the east side, that way we'll get through."

"Understood. Whiplash squadron, ready the maneuvers for the attack, we're gonna blast the Zlocan bastards up away to their homes!"

They accelerate slightly in accordance with the other, all while ready to deploy their payload while heading towards the railguns themselves.

"This is gonna be huge!" a wingman says.

"Wait, I'm getting readings from the cannons. What the hell?" another wingman replies in a shaky tone.

A laser blast is fired from one of the cannons at high velocity, quickly shooting down two of the planes while being shattered into pieces. The laser is like a huge line fired across from the barrel in a reddish light.

"Whiplash 3 and 5 are down! All units, evasive maneuvers!" the leader yells as the plane disband the formation and spread out across the place. However, the other cannons start to fire as well, their blasts quickly shooting down the other two planes as well, leaving only three standing.

"Shit! Whiplash 4 and 7 are down too!" a wingman says.

"Damn it...these Zlocs are smarter than expected. Whiplash 2 and 6, let's head out towards-"

But then the flight lead alongside another wingman gets shot down by one of the lasers as well, unwillingly distracted from the range of the cannons.

"Oh god, oh man! Whiplash lead and 2 are down! Colonel, send back-up please!"

Alas, he too doesn't get the dignity to survive for so long, as he too meets his end at the hands of advanced security measures. With the debris itself falling to the ground in fiery flames.

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