Chapter 31 - Onward To Salvation

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10 hours before the start of the mission

G.o.D Squad heads to one of the V-22 Ospreys stationed in the hangar. The sounds of the engines start to ignite little by little as the pilots notice the members coming aboard. All ready to take off for their mission as they sit down in the seats with their parachutes on their backs.

"Alright, get in. You all set?" Walter asks.

"Ready," Berat says.

"Set to go, my man," Berat replies.

"Si, standing by."

"Same here."

"We're on time, OK?" Ji-ae says in a coarse tone. 

"Good to hear. Now, you know the drill. Get to that stadium, get the so-called Navigators to safety and if necessary, crack some Zloc and Marine skulls apart. They all knew the risk that some heavily-armored sons of bitches with gear up their asses would come one to smoke 'em up, yet they still did it."

"Hey, there's always the saying; mindless fear is greater than mindful fear...or something like that," Mehdi replies.

"No time for novelist crap. Courage or not, they're idiots to the end." All members chuckle in response. 

"Well now," Walter then grabs a walkie talkie communicator and presses a button, "we're set, all ready to fly-Oh hold on, there's something else."

They all notice the one who made Walter interrupt his call to the pilot who is about to take off. It's John himself in the flesh.

Perhaps something of encouragement needed?

"Ugh, did we missed something, Mr Walker?" Ji-Ae asks, still wit a coarse tone. 

"Nothing, I just wanted to say some words before you head off to your heroic mission." 

"Oh, with pleasure, man," Walter said.

"So anyway, you already know how much this mission can mean to us, even though the previous one was already a job well done. And despite what happened with...a certain someone, I still hope for the best on these coming days for us."

"But, don't you think that Alien fella wants nothing but peace in her mind?" Valentina asks.

"...Valy, you already understand that when it comes to things beyond our wildest thoughts, they always need caution. Who knows what she can hide."

"Always remember to never underestimate the unknown, Johnny."

"And what do you exactly mean by that, Valy?"

"...Just get on in what you were trying to say." Celina looks with her eyebrows drawn together while Berat can only look away from what was said.  

"Where was I...Oh yeah, there. Step by step, by ensuring that the path of victory is ensured, the path for salvation will be closer than ever. You know how pleasant salvation can be for the common folk on this planet."

"What about the common folk of other planets? Exclusive much?" Berat says. John groans a bit from his words yet remained still as always.

"Look, all that we know about foreign species that we, again, first time here, we encountered them in the flesh, and it's like we expected from all the TV shows and movies we watched as kiddies. And even still, they got our sorry asses kicked. And...honestly can't speak for much of the rest." The others can only look with locked glances, some murmur to each other and one, at least Walter, looks away with not a single expression in his eyes, as it doesn't bear anything for him to care about. "But again, the same could be said for our own people of this planet, every now and then. You know the drill. But the point remains the same, our mistakes when we were at each other's throat, there was still a glimmer of managing ahead. And on and on, until we achieve a state of full unity."

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