Chapter 1.2 - Robbed of their Pasts

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Amira Dhorian

Bumblebee Creek, a piece of green beauty of American forests. The lush green trees stand strongly against the subtle breeze, it's quite a place to travel when camping or trekking around the nation. The sunset certainly helps as well.

And surprisingly, it's still looking well as ever, holding beautiful wildlife. Unobserved by any of the humans since the invasion began, the animals are left to enjoy its beauty in peace.

Deep inside the forest, a squirrel's climbing a tree while picking up their nuts. As the squirrel tries to climb again, a piece of wood in the trunk dents, causing the squirrel to lose balance.

After some desperate attempts to climb back, the squirrel falls down, seemingly to its death.

But just before that happens, the squirrel lands safely into a hand. A very peculiar hand, one colored in gray. In this forest, it's hard to notice the rest due to the dim sunlight.

The figure holding the squirrel then releases it away.

After some moment of silence, the figure speaks.

"Such interesting creatures...this planet does indeed hold a life, something like the expanding stars." The figure has a feminine voice.

She quickly steps out from the shadow where she was hiding in sight.

Her looks are one of pure enchantment like no other, as pure as the angels who seek out and protect all of Humankind. Her body looks almost slim, as one would expect of a beautiful princess. Her alluring clothes are also proof of it. Her hair as long and green like many gardens, her droopy low ears, noseless face, eyes as red as the most gorgeous looking rubies and lastly, a pair of green wings in her back.

She indeed looks like a very charming being from another place, another time, another ideal.

The Humanoid girl then touches the trunk of the tree, tilting her head side to side. It's like she wants to examine every bit of beauty in it, after all, she's on Earth.

She stops touching it and proceeds to crouch, looking at most of the plants in the ground, and seeing if there is one that catches her interest.

Hey, sis! Did you finish now? a voice says, this time it's a male one.

But those words weren't spoken. Instead, they resonated inside of her head.

Yeah, coming back now.

She then uses her wings to fly away to the location of her brother where he called her out. Quickly jumping inwards, she could fly as fast as a bald eagle. With her flapping wings, she can keep inflight while maintaining the serene demeanor a being like herself has.

She eventually locates her brother, sitting atop in one of the branches of the tall tree.

He has the same looks like her, aside from his mullet instead, and some decorated and metallic brown armor with metallic pads, meaning a high position in the force he once served.

His sister then lands next to him on the branch.

He has a pleased yet firm expression on his face as if she had something that could amuse him very much.

"So, took a good peek at today's study?"

"I guess so, my dear brother."

He chuckles in response.

"I see, probably some good animals worth checking for here after all."

"Yes...but what's more interesting is that the beings here don't have an advanced mindset as the creatures in the galaxy."

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