(Chapter 27) No, Never.

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I am so grateful to my readers that I'm seriously in danger of Bultaoreune.

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This one is dedicated to @geminirumisidd who legit wrote me a poem (how dare you attack my heart like this.)

Everyone reading this is the reason that I write.

Thank you.





Someone moans.


Someone is shaking Jungkook, and he doesn't like it.

It makes the dizziness worse.

"Jungkook," a voice presses urgently.

It's Jimin, Jungkook realizes.

"No," he forces past his lips.

"Leave me alone."

"Jungkook, what's wrong?" Jimin won't leave, and he's still shaking Jungkook.

Jungkook hurts everywhere.

His knee hurts, his wrist hurts, his whole body is throbbing with pain.

He doesn't want to wake up.

"I was in the living room, going back to my room, and I heard you throw up," Jimin insists. "Are you sick? What's going on?"

Someone is still moaning, and Jungkook suddenly realizes that it is himself.

He bites down on his lip to make it stop.

Jimin frowns.

"You are shaking, Jungkook, you look so pale... and is that puke in your garbage can?"

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