(Chapter 30) Over, over

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Thank you all for waiting so patiently.

I posted Yoongi's Soulmate Bonded story first when I got back from my trip.

I love you all so much for being so sweet to me.

Grateful always.






Curled up on the bench, you look around the courtyard, resting your chin on your knees.

Why is it that you always lost your mind when it came to Jungkook?

Sure, the bond is supposed to make you want to Heal with him...

But every time he smiled, or laughed, or tossed his head, you felt your heart beat skip for him.

Every time he looked at you... his eyes seem to reach into your chest and pin you down, so that you can't focus on anything but his gaze.

This guy was constantly messing with your heart and your brains.

You hoped it wasn't unhealthy how much you cared about everything he did.

Who are you kidding, the voice in the back of your mind scoffed.

You know you're obsessed.

The red tinge of energy was still ebbing in your Soulmate Bruise hand.

It felt strange...

Pent up.

It happened the last time you were upset at Mira too.

You've scoured the internet for bond effects like this but found nothing.

Great, you were weird even after you bonded with a soulmate.

You glance at your phone.

If you were calling this your break, then it is almost time to go back.

Sighing, you head back into the Bighit building, a mess of Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook in your head.

Maybe it was because of that.

It was definitely because of that.

The quiet whizz of the wheels should have alerted you, but...

You were still thinking about how embarrassed Jungkook had looked when he woke up, blushing as he let go of your waist and you sprang apart...

You turn the corner around the building without even looking up...

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