(Chapter 12) Take my hands now

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His soulmate's crying face yanks on something in him.

Yanks hard.

So hard that his head spins for a moment and he doesn't know what to do.

And Jeon Jungkook swears that it is his bond, not him, that made him do what he did next.


His bond grabbed his hand and reached it toward her face, softly, as softly as he had ever touched anything, wiped away her tears with his index finger.

Trailing the back of his finger over one cheek, then the other, as she gaped at him, her eyes wide and shocked, probably not more shocked than himself though.

In his brain he knew it was wrong, was too forward.

But for some reason his bond, the silver and gold thing in his chest, told him this is right.

So Jungkook's internal battle raged on as his finger continued down to her chin, brushing away all her tears.

And he heard himself say,

"Don't cry."

He didn't have a choice.

She was his to take care of now.




He didn't have a choice.

It was simple.

The two of you were bonded, stuck together, and needed each other to survive.

You saw the way Jungkook's arms trembled when you stopped touching for just a second.

He needs you, even if he doesn't want to.

You are just a huge inconvenience.

Guilt gnawed at your gut as you took in how pale his face was.

Surely healing is supposed to be faster than this?

You already felt better.

Why does he still look so frail?

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