(Chapter 24) So give me a remedy

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Speed walking down the hallway, you can't help the tiny smile that comes to your face.

You last saw Jungkook 7 hours ago, before his concert, and you couldn't wait to ask him how it went.

A manager had texted you letting you know that they were all back at Bighit post-concert, winding down in the lounge, and that Jungkook was tired and needed healing.

You felt faint for healing too, and if you were honest, you were also a bit excited to see him all dolled up from his concert.

You had healed together earlier, before he left for the venue, and he was happy and looking forward to his new setlist.

You agreed he'd tell you all about it when he got back.

You see the hustle and bustle of stylists and personnel up ahead in the lounge, and your heart speeds up.

You see the familiar figure of Mira, her hair up in a cute ponytail as she sits down...

Your eyes search for Jungkook as you clear the hallway...

Just in time to see Mira lean sideways...

And press her lips against Jungkook's cheek.

Your mind blanks.

You inhale sharply.

You blink twice, just to make sure it wasn't some kind of mistake.

To make sure you were seeing this right.

It's happening again.

Your vision turns scarlet, your hands begin to shake.

You growl toward Mira.

The people near you turn to look at you, and with their awkward muttering and shuffling, Jungkook and Mira look up and see you too.

Jungkook's eyes widen as he sees your expression.

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