(Chapter 38) Now I am myself

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Jungkook had never been a slacker.

But with the ticking stopwatch hanging over his shoulder,

and his soulmate's golden light beside him,

her hand in his,

he found himself downright unwilling

as the black car approached the BigHit building parkade.

"We're already waiting for you at the studio.

Slow Rabbit hyung and I.

Come quick, Jungkook,"

RM's voice says over the car speaker.

"Got it," the manager responds for Jungkook.

He hangs up the call and turns to the backseat.

"I know it's going to be difficult for you to focus, but we do have to finish your vocal recording today, Jungkook."

Soulmate squeezes his hand gently,

and Jungkook lifts his head to see her smile.

How could she smile?

When they were running out of time...

"It'll be okay," she says.

"I'll wait for you at the dorms. Get some of my own work done.

And I'll see you tonight?"

There's something stiff in her expression,

and the way she won't meet his eyes.

But his manager has already pulled the backseat door open,

is staring at Jungkook expectantly,

and driver hyung is looking through the rearview mirror,

clearly wondering why Jungkook wouldn't get out

so that he could take Soulmate where she needed to go.

Jungkook tried do the right thing.

Really, he did.

He forced his hand open,

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