(Chapter 35) Who I used to be

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Before who you are now, who did you used to be?



It's been brought to my attention that some stories are popping up with similar ideas to mine.

I'm not upset about it... because I think while ideas are important, stories are about the writing itself too.

You (lovely readers) deserve the best writing, and that means healthy competition between writers.

However, that being said, if my works inspired you, please at least give me credit and a link in your story. My story was inspired by someone else and I mention this in my story description. We're all writers; let's share our inspirations and give credit <3




Jungkook's dark eyes fly open.

He's silent as he sees his soulmate.

She's framed by sunlight from the window.

He doesn't breathe.

Her hair is slightly tousled from sleep,

and he remembers how she collapsed on his chest,

as they both passed out,

how he had wrapped an arm around her

and it had felt right.

She looks back at him,

and there's some emotion that flits across his face,

it almost looks like sadness

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