(Chapter 32) The world was too big

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June 12, 2019.






Jeon Jungkook thinks his heart might explode.

He knew he was emotional,

his hand trembling slightly

as he leaned into her.

He had wanted to bring them closer.

He'd meant to show her how he felt.

He'd meant to claim a little,

For them to each claim the other a bit.

He knew exactly why he was kissing her.

He knew exactly what he wanted.

He wanted to tell her something, to share what his words couldn't,

because Jungkook was never any good at talking,

but surely she could see what was in his eyes

because he could barely hold himself together

and he definitely couldn't hide

what he knew was written all over his expression.

He wasn't even trying  to hide it.

If they shared a breath

she would know exactly how he felt

He needed her to know-

But the moment his lips met hers,

Jeon Jungkook was lost.


He went somewhere that was inside his mind,

but still right here,

But he was seeing her,

she was seeing him,

they were standing somewhere golden.

They were standing in an ocean of gold.

The breeze running through her hair was golden, the look on her face.

They were each holding up one hand,

their Bonding hand...

stretched out toward each other,

their fingertips a breath apart.

Choose now.

And Jungkook knew,

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