(Chapter 16) I'm in utopia

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Writing would be meaningless if no one read it.

You give my writing meaning.

PS: I'm so stoked for Bon Voyage 3.





If Jungkook was still eating like usual, then so much lying around and not moving certainly would have gained him a few pounds he'd have to work hard to shed later.

But as it is, Soulmate energy and healing didn't make one fat.

All bonded people were the ideal body size unless they REALLY lay around doing nothing.

So Jungkook didn't get fat, but his subconscious was still nervous about it.

Mostly he sat on the sofa with Soulmate.

They watched TV or napped to heal.

She read books sometimes.

He tried to ask her questions here and there, but it was still weird to him being the proactive social one.

And then he was always a little sour from when Jimin or Taehyung would pass by and chatter endlessly with Soulmate, bringing grins to her cheeks or extracting easy answers from her.

Jimin was charming.

Jungkook knew that.

Taehyung was disarming.

Jungkook knew that.

But whenever Jungkook asked her questions,

there was always a certain amount of awkward stammering from both of them,

and she was so timid to him.

If she was meant for Jungkook, why was it most difficult for Jungkook to talk to her??

Even Yoongi had a quiet understanding with her,

his silent nods and quiet words pulling smiles and conversation from the girl.

Jungkook felt so strange and unlike himself for being bothered by it, too.

He'd never been so irritated with his hyungs.

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