(Chapter 17) Won't you please stay in dreams

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I am so, so sorry for the update delay this week!

I was away on vacation (I flew to watch the BTS Love Yourself Tour!!)

They are amazing and gorgeous in person <3

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Jungkook squares his jaw and locks eyes with Taehyung in the mirror.

He stares Taehyung down as he pointedly turns his wrist...

... and threads his fingers possessively through his Soulmate's fingers.

Half turned away, she was about to answer Taehyung with a smile on her face.

Her words evaporate and her eyes widen as she feels Jungkook's fingers slide between her own, gripping her hand firmly.

She turns back to Jungkook.

And Jungkook feels the powerful angry monster in his chest growl That's right.

As it should be.

With her gaze rightfully on himself, where it belongs, Jungkook leans back in his chair and lifts his chin at Taehyung.




"You don't have to panic," the Noona says, a small smile on her face.

She watched with her arms crossed as you flung a backpack and a dufflebag onto your bed, tore shirts from their hangers swinging wildly in your closet, shoving a jacket and a sweater into the bags and jogging around the bed to your drawers for underwear.

You had made for your bedroom the moment you slammed the front door of your apartment behind you, gesturing wildly for her to make herself at home as you disappeared and began packing your things in a storm.

"Please help yourself to some water or any drinks in the fridge," you pant at her, stacking your bras and socks together.

"He will be fine. You don't live that far," she says softly, before disappearing from the bedroom doorway.

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