(Chapter 07) Just for you

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You knew that things were wrong for sure this time,

when you opened your eyes and it was noon.

You had slept a whole night, answered the door for five minutes, then slept an entire day and then another night.

That is definitely bad.

Your entire upper body ached.

You need to eat something, you told yourself.

Even broth is better than nothing.


With a pathetic whimper you could barely believe was coming out of yourself

and embarrassed you even when alone,

you shoved yourself out of the covers,

wheeled to stay balanced as you crashed to and fro into the kitchen.

It's the flu? Maybe? You decided as you threw up the broth into the kitchen sink.

No use trying to eat if I can't keep it down. Definitely the flu.

Your arms and back and upper body ached all over.

It seemed weird that your legs felt fine but whatever. You'll take what blessing you get.

You looked at your phone.

22 missed calls from your best friend and 5 text messages of please, please call me.

You were a terrible friend, you shamed yourself as you fumbled to speed-dial her.

Something must be wrong if she was like this.

"I'm so sorry-" you sputtered as soon as she picked up, "I was-"

"ARE YOU OKAY? Oh my god," she was sobbing.

You stomach sank. If she's crying something must be very very wrong.
You thought you'd burn alive from the guilt.

"Hey, hey, I'm okay. I'm so so sorry. I came down with the flu, so I've been resting.

I'm so sorry. Are you okay? What's wrong?"

You force the words past your lips as you grew hot with blame.

"What? The flu...?"

"Yeah, I caught the flu. I'm sorry. Really, I am. I didn't think you'd be so worried. Please don't be upset. I'm okay. But who cares. What's going on with you, are you okay?"

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