(Chapter 04) I'm so sorry

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It was not even 9:00AM on a Saturday when your door buzzer goes off.

It alarmed you when you looked through the aperture and saw

two men and a woman

standing outside with serious faces and a tenseness to their posture.

Your mind flew.

Had you done anything wrong?

"Who is it?"

Your voice cracked twice.

They all looked at each other as the woman said loudly,

"Hi, we are from BigHit Entertainment. We have a fraud problem with the tickets from the concert last night and want to see your ticket, if possible."

That's... so weird.

What are they going to do now? The concert is over.

Well they could catch the frauds, you supposed.

You know you bought your tickets legitimately.

"Do you have... IDs? Or something? I'm sorry, I just want to know you are really from BigHit," you reply.

She lifted the lanyard around her neck even before you were done talking, and the other two men flashed a similar card toward the door, aiming for the peep hole but missing the angle a little.

It looked legitimate enough.

You slid your door open a fraction but kept the door chain on.

It could be a scam, you reasoned.

"I actually have a printed copy of my ticket. I'm going to go get it, just wait."

They nodded tersely at you as you shut and locked the door again.

It took all of two seconds to reach into your purse from last night and pull out the wrinkled sheet of paper.

You slid this through the crack in the door at them as you opened it again, the chain still on.

The woman reached for it, scanned it briefly and pointed at the section number on your ticket to one of the guys behind her.

"You stood in the rock zone, right by the stage, correct?" She asked.

Her voice was not unkind.

You nodded.

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