(Chapter 34) Now I can't imagine

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Because Now I can't imagine losing my

Dearest soulmates,

As my stories get more and more reads,

I remember

and I hope you remember,

You got me here.

It's you.


And a shoutout to adorable @26cmmh101 for the amazing support. Thank you so much.




And then Jeon Jungkook punches his fist through the car window.


It's instant.

The red energy explodes away from his bonding hand.

But also, it's agony.

It was a terrible idea.

The glass cracks but doesn't shatter.

Jungkook is clutching is hand, tears in his eyes,

His driver yelling at him, exclaiming WHAT in the world-

But Jungkook feels it.

There's a hook in his chest,

pulling on something, anchoring on something in the distance.

But he's just gasping for breath, unable to do anything...

And the anchor moves.

He can feel the tie getting shorter, the pull getting stronger.

He knows he's definitely bruised two of his knuckles, but he hopes he hasn't broken a finger.

And as the bright red and purple bruising starts swelling around his knuckles...

The hook in his chest is drawing in closer.



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