(Chapter 47) Cry with me

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Hi Soulmates,

One of my friends passed away this week.

I'd like to dedicate this chapter to her.

To Emily,

who was always positive,

always sweet.

You were too good for this world.

I miss you already.


Sept 10, 2019.



Flashback chapter

POV retold continued.


You hit send before you can get embarrassed and change your mind.

You'll go to Japan without me, and we'll be fine without the Healing.

But just know that I'll miss you.


He read it.

The read notification appears beside your message.

Your face hot, you stare at the screen, your fingers white from clutching your phone tight.


There's no reply.

You think you might die if he doesn't say anything back.

You stare harder, as though your sheer force of will could do something.

And just as you're about to throw your phone aside and bury your face into the sofa,

Jungkook is typing...

appears across the bottom of the chat screen.

Your heart flips violently.

You don't even blink.


It goes on for two minutes.

Jungkook is typing...

Stops for a while.

Then starts again.

Is he typing a long message?

Was he about to tell you off for being overbearing?

Or maybe he felt obligated to explain why he didn't ask you to go to Japan with him...

You finally inhale, having forgotten to breathe.

Just calm down.

You've kissed.

Jungkook kissed you.

Surely saying "I'll miss you" isn't crossing any lines.

You close your eyes.



And when you open your eyes again,

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