(Chapter 14) Of My Euphoria

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"Let's be friends," Jimin says to soulmate, extending his hand for a handshake.

His reaching fingers were covered in silver rings, and soulmate takes a moment to peer at them.

"Your rings are very pretty," she says, pausing to point at a thinner band.

"Ah, this one is a gift from Hoseok hyung," Jimin replies, turning the ring so that she could see it better.

In that moment, Jungkook becomes strangely aware of how many rings Jimin always wore.

How well Jimin always accessorized, with his fancy earrings and matching hats.

How Jimin was always put together, with tight jeans and his unbuttoned plaid shirts flowing around his balanced frame.

And how Jimin was getting soulmate to compliment Jimin, even though soulmate had not complimented Jungkook.

Soulmate smiles gently at the friendship ring before she puts her hand into Jimin's, clasping his fingers.

They shake hands, Jimin grinning.

"We are friends," Jimin repeats.

"Yes," soulmate smiles back.

And now they were friends, while Jungkook had no such promises from soulmate.

Jungkook is swallowing his tongue whole and keeping his body so tense with inaction when Taehyung comes to his rescue.

The front door beeps and opens and Taehyung sprints out from the hallway, charging at the manager who was walking through the door with two pizza boxes.

"YESSSS!!! YESSSS!!!" Yells Taehyung, snatching the boxes away from the older man and running to set them down on the kitchen counter.

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