(Chapter 44) feat. RM: Is this Love

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As I am writing this, the comments for chapter 43 is at almost 8000, with over 6000 being from the hardcore chat alone.

Everyone who leaves me a vote and comments... you are telling me that you support my writing, and you are making my writing worthwhile.
Thank you.

Soulkeys and everyone who spams comments, you are my hero.
You make my dreams come true with your godlike support.

I owe you everything.

So this here is for all of you.

Because lots of you wanted or asked if my different BTS soulmate bonded stories are in the same universe,

saying you want Bangtan and their soulmates to be able to hang out and support each other...

and I want you to have everything you want.

So although it was initially going to be separate,

I ended up adding Namjoon's story to Jungkook's in the end.

Now they could be in the same universe,

and share their experiences.

Ask and you will receive

Because my writing is for you.



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Aug 18, 2019


Flashback chapter.




She grips a bag of chips, listening to the airport announcement.

It's a bit confusing that the guys ahead of her take forever to pay for just two bags of gummy candy.

They push each other and laugh.

The tallest guy is standing in front of the cash register, fumbling through some bills, looking at them as though confused

and ends up dropping the entire crumpled handful.

There's more howling and teasing from his friends around him as he picks that all up

but drops his phone instead.

He laughs too.

He picks up his phone and lays it on the counter along with his wallet and money, trying to get a grip on the situation.

The guys seem like important people.

A large group of security or staff stand around them on the outer edge, and around the store.

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