(Chapter 49) When you are sad

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October 02, 2019




"COME EAT GIMBAP!" Seokjin shouts to the apartment in general.

"I hope things are going well with Namjoon," you sigh, handing Seokjin a large plate.

He nods and starts piling gimbap onto the plate.

"It's Namjoon, normally he should be alright.

But that girl though... he might have met his match."

Jungkook, impatient, grabs a slice right off the cutting board, as Seokjin tuts at him.

A door slams open against a wall in the distance,

and with a storm of thudding footfalls,

Taehyung's there,

skidding to a stop beside you.

He reaches around you, his brute force and his elbow squashing your face into Jungkook's shoulder,

as he grabs at the gimbap on the counter.

"Ya! You pushed her!" Jungkook says, shoving his hand between your cheek and Taehyung's elbow.

You clutch at your face.

"Thanks a lot, Tae."

"Sorry!" Taehyung laughs, shoving the rice and seaweed into his mouth.

"Wow. We are all savages," Jin shakes his head, turning to cut the next roll.

"Don't group me in with you guys," Yoongi drawls, strolling out from the hallway, his hair askew.

He pauses to acknowledge you.

You give him a wave.

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