(Chapter 36) I now can feel

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In front of a room full of people,

Jungkook leans down,

and softly brushes his lips against hers.


She blushes a little as they pull apart,

and Jungkook can feel the heat on his own neck and ears,

but he needed to take the step, he felt.

He heard Namjoon exhale sharply, and he turned to look at his leader.

He held onto his soulmate's hand,

because he was her link

to this room full of people,

and he didn't want her to feel intimidated.

She changed him.

He wanted to take care of someone now.


That was new.

She let him hold her hand in front of everyone,

and that should be considered a small victory for him too.

He reminded himself to be grateful for every small step forward.

He was glad....

That after all the things they'd been through, that they were still here.

He had lost his confidence in their bond, and her hand in his

felt like a brand new chance.

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