(Chapter 29) Game Over

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Hey my precious (NOT said like Gollum/Smeagol!) readers,

I will be absent for a few (4!) days due to travelling.

I WILL however be WRITING (hint, Yoongi & RM stories) during that time so please be excited because Yoongi: Soulmate Bonded is just around the corner.





It fells like you're drifting in a warm cloud.

You wake reluctantly.

You're on your side, curled into him, tucked under his chin...

You know this without even opening your eyes, because it's him.

The bond tells you so.

The bond is saying this is Jungkook,

The bond is saying this is right.


His arm is draped over you, pulling you close.

As you open your eyes, your line of sight is aligned with his neck and collar bone...

so close that you can see his pulse.

You watch it beat under his skin, on the smooth, tan skin of his throat and for a moment, you can't breathe, mesmerized.

Your lips are against his chest, the thin fabric of his tee rising and dropping softly with his sleep, grazing your mouth.

One of your hands is shamelessly resting on his waist as though it belonged there, and you'd be embarrassed about it if you weren't even further more mortified by your wrist leaning on his bare hip bone, his skin exposed by sleep pulling low on the waistband of his sweatpants.

You blink, and still, the skin of your wrist lay directly against the jut of his hip which was smooth and warm to the touch.

It curved gracefully lower, into the dip of his pants...

You squeak and pull your hand back, squeezing your eyes shut.

You're a pervert!


Jungkook moans, his voice all gravel against your ear.

A shiver runs down your back.

Stirring, he opens his eyes and blinks several times, looking down at you as you look up at him, blushing from your forehead to your toes.

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