(Chapter 18) Boy With Luv

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After many fals-procras-ahem- promises...
We made it out of the time lapse.

Thank you to everyone who left me encouraging messages and comments.

It is 100% of the reason I was motivated to come back and keep going.

You are all so kind and amazing.








With her gaze rightfully on himself, where it belongs, Jungkook leans back in his chair and lifts his chin at Taehyung.

Taehyung furrowed his eyebrows, at a loss for why he was on the receiving end of Jungkook's protruding jaw.

"Thanks for coming back," he calls out to you, miffed, and then turns his attention back onto the choreography as Jhope starts to count out a section again.

His Soulmate's confused gaze on Jungkook made him feel like his anger was dissolving, especially as her arm draped across his knees was healing him so warmly and something golden kept trying to fizzle up his back.

Seeing the comfort across his face, she smiles and scoots closer, leaning her entire side against his legs.

Heat rushed his joints, all stiff and weak just moments ago, relaxed now.

His entire body drifted.

Then with a shy smile, she leaned her head against his forearm and Jungkook couldn't feel anything other than peaceful anymore.

"Let's sit on the sofa. So you don't sit on the floor," his voice is raspy as he pretends he wasn't just furious a moment ago and now floating through a field of sunshine.

"It's alright," she answers, looking him up and down, clearly doubting his strength to walk.

Jungkook immediately stands.

He even puts a hand in his pocket to emphasize how easy this was, standing.

Not that he was proving anything.

Fully aware that the Bangtan members would be watching through the mirror, hopefully especially Taehyung, he scoops up her hand and pulls her to her feet, walking over to the couch holding her hand.

She stumbles after him, her feet tripping over herself.

And then as he was about to sit, he decided suddenly to lay claim to whatever this bond was.

The truth is, he couldn't resent Taehyung or Jimin for anything they did... if he himself did nothing.

Putting his back against the side arm of the sofa, he put one foot on the ground and kicked off his other shoe and wedged that leg against the back of the sofa.

Soulmate's eyes widened in surprise as she was suddenly being pulled to sit in between his spread legs.

She didn't react, numbly allowing her body to drop where it was being guided.

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