(Chapter 48) It feels like dying

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Sept 21, 2019



Jungkook leans on the elevator wall as though he is relaxed, but his heartbeat is fluttering wildly.

He lets his weight shift casually like he doesn't have a care in the world as Taehyung looks toward him.

But when the elevator doors open onto the dance studio floor,

and Jungkook is walking down the hall toward the coffee room,

he feels his footsteps speeding up of their own accord.

His legs take larger, faster strides.

A grin is creeping over his face even though he tries to look chill in front of his hyungs.

He hears Jimin laugh from behind him, and a flush blooms over Jungkook's ears.

But he rounds the corner in a rush anyway,

his dufflebag slung over his shoulder as his eyes scan the room desperately.

He feels her even as he sees her.

She's wringing her hands nervously, her laptop open in front of her.

She wasn't looking at her work though, and was looking up at the doorway,

meeting Jungkook's eyes as he whirlwinds in.

She's sitting very straight, her eyes wide and posture stiff.

As their gazes meet,

her lips part like she has something to say,

too many things to say,

and warmth explodes in Jungkook's chest.

Jungkook smiles, so wide that his eyes crinkle.

He drops his bag to the floor.

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