(Chapter 11) I Don't Know

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Jungkook heard it before he felt it.

It was a slap-slap-slap sound, near his ear.

It took Jungkook a moment to realize someone was slapping him, gentle on his cheek.

"C'mon, you gotta wake up. You need more water," a voice said insistently.

Slap-slap now he felt the warm fingers on his face.

No, Jungkook wanted to say.

He didn't want to pry his eyes open.

His brain would just-

Well... actually.

His head wasn't so painful anymore.

He took a deep breath for good measure, then shoved his eyelids open.

They slid open with way too much ease compared to before,

and as a result

he ended up looking very intense as he forcefully stared into the nurse's face.

She blinked, slightly taken back.

He let his eyelids droop back to normal.

She cast him a strange squint as she lay a wet cloth on his hand.


It was easy being awake.

All the pain in his body seemed manageable.

And he was... tingly.

He felt comfortable, and soft.

Like he was dead tired and someone started massaging his shoulders or something.

No, the blanket with air conditioning was still a better description.

Something too good to be true must mean...

He looked to his other side.

Yep, there she was.

His... soulmate.

She was sitting as far away from him as she could while still touching him.

In fact, she was sitting so far that she had to lean forward to place her palm on his forearm.

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