(Chapter 21) A Melody

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Food is officially here for the Soulmates.

Sorry I ever tried to take it away.

How dare I, the insolent serf.






Everything did change.

At least to Jungkook.

She texted him photos sometimes.

Of her lunch.

Of her dinner.

Of her thoughts about her work.

Having kimchi soup today. I love it.
Do you like?

Yeah, he replies, then hesitates.

He has typed the most boring reply in existence.

It would definitely end the conversation.

He should add something else.

He pauses to stare at his screen.

He pauses to stare at his screen

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If she was going to try harder, so should he.

But I don't eat soybean soup... he adds.

How come? Don't like?

It... sounds like my name. People make jokes about it.

Haha aww... that's too cute xD

Hey, I'm sorry, work is a killer today. I'm going to be late coming over.

Do you ever get tired, finding time to come to me?

He sent it, dreading that she would say yes.

Or worse, not reply.

I do get tired, but I'm happy to. You're busier so I'll make time for you. It's alright.

And then he can breathe again.

We are ordering dinner. Do you want me to order some food for you? You can eat it when you get here.

Yes, I would like that.

Thank you!

And then she sent a blurry selfie of herself saluting him in thanks.

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