(Chapter 28) I need to heal my medic

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So I promised no cliffhanger this time.

Thou majesties shalt be pleased.




His voice is low.

"You want to know how to make me alright?"

"Of cour-" you start to reply immediately, wondering why he would bother to ask such an obvious question.

But there's a dangerous glint in his eyes...

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And you bite down on your lip to make yourself stop.

"No?" he whispers.

You take a HUGE breath.

"Of, of course I... I always want you to be alright, Jungkook," you confess.

You lower your eyes because you can't meet his dark, piercing gaze.

"I can't stand it when I see you tired, or in pain..."

Having just told Chae-young that you might like Jungkook... definitely lowered your guard against him.

You just want to be honest now.

Even if things are awkward.

Even if things are hard.

And knowing that he would push himself like this, to the edge of exhaustion and not even tell you that he was home...

You didn't get it.

Why he would do that.

Even if he didn't like you.

Why wouldn't he want to heal anyways, instead of suffering?

Did he dislike you that much?

You told Chae-young you might like Jungkook, even without the bond.

But Jungkook... did he hate you, without the bond?

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