sexting a stranger • kim namjoon by softjhope
sexting a stranger • kim namjoonby little bird naleia Ꙫ
"oh if you never would've texted me I never would've gotten this aroused." "if I never texted you I never would've known what being aroused was."
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☾bts⚭reactions☽ | |⚠︎on hold⚠︎ by eatmyasshobi
☾bts⚭reactions☽ | |⚠︎on hold⚠︎by bias wrecking queen
☺︎ iconic rank #1 in bts jhope ☺︎ BT(eatthisass)S -Instagrams: eatmyasshobi & eatmyasswonho -Snapchat: eatmyasshobi -YouTube: wonhoe !
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Yes Sir (BTS FANFIC/SMUT, NAMJOON FOCUS) COMPLETE by 0o_pervy_noona_o0
Yes Sir (BTS FANFIC/SMUT, 0o_pervy_noona_o0
My parents were my world. They worked so hard to raise me, giving me everything I could ever ask for. So when my father became critically ill, my world was thrown upsid...
  • kpopfanfic
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  • btsboys
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Texting Joonie. || Texting Part 2 by chimchimicorn
Texting Joonie. || Texting Part 2by Bee
Kim Namjoon texts you thinking you are someone else..
  • rm
  • text
  • kimnamjoon
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Beauty's blood ~ Vkook by Elahtae
Beauty's blood ~ Vkookby Ela
In which the Vampire King Jeon Jeongguk kidnaps the human Kim Taehyung to own him. TopKook BottomTae Cover made by @dullrays
  • jeonjungkook
  • angst
  • possessivekook
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Cheater | pjm by kellyy1229
Cheater | pjmby 🍌+🍓
<COMPLETED> You had a perfect relationship with Jimin. He ruined it. Now you have to get married to him?! --- "Come here." He grabbed my face and pulled...
  • bangtan
  • parkjimin
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my baby :: y.bts by jjkandmyg
my baby :: y.btsby 🥠
"daddy!!" "who's daddy, baby?" in which yoongi is a little in the bangtan dorms and all of the members are his caregivers. MY BABY YOONGI X BTS AU ©...
  • ot7
  • yoonkook
  • namgi
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My Stepbrother// Jeon Jungkook x Reader  by fluffyjeons
My Stepbrother// Jeon Jungkook x 🍡🌸☘️
"Bitch!!" "Call me bitch again I dare you." "Bitch." "That's right, bitches do as what they're told." 12-28-17 - ?? ____ Pictures...
  • kpop
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  • kimseokjin
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Bangtan's Baby Girl | BTS FF/AU [Ongoing] by Ao-senpai
Bangtan's Baby Girl | BTS FF/AU [ Xiana Arc
A cold hearted gang in the underground, merciless and powerful. They are the feared of the feared, no one will dare to cross their path. Yet, at home, it's like they ar...
  • wattys2018
  • jin
  • jimin
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Psycho's Sunshineㅣj.hs by lmly_bts
Psycho's Sunshineㅣj.hsby 4RMY
"You were lying this whole time?" "It wasn't exactly lying, more like acting," "You bastard!" "You wouldn't love me if I showed you my...
  • minyoongi
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LOUD | NAMJINby ˚✧MiMi ✧ ˚
"Silence is the loudest sound there is" Started: 10/29/17 Completed: - -/ - - / - - Thank you for reading my story! Enjoy☆彡 Warning: This book contains possib...
  • namjin
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BTS ➳ Scenarios + Texts by -sugakookiejams-
BTS ➳ Scenarios + Textsby mai
Don't read this. Pls
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Mafia Love | GgukTaekook by Elahtae
Mafia Love | GgukTaekookby Ela
In which the Mafia Twins Jeongguk and Jungkook fall in love with the dancer Kim Taehyung
  • powerbottomtae
  • topkook
  • jeonjeongguk
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babysitter ; taekook by mygpluie
babysitter ; taekookby alyssa!
rule #1: no sugar before bed time ーwhere inexperienced taehyung is asked to look after a little for a month ➘lowercase intended
  • minyoongi
  • littlejungkook
  • littlespace
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Royal Trouble || втѕ ʝ. ʝ. к||✔️ by jiminieve
Royal Trouble || втѕ ʝ. ʝ. к||✔️by 春
Seven Royals, Prince of Gwacheon, Kim Seokjin Lord Min Yoongi from Daegu Prince of Gwangju, Jung Hoseok Prince of Ilsan, Kim Namjoon Lord Park Jimin from Busan Prince of...
  • kimtaehyumg
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Elysian | P. JM by jeonbird
Elysian | P. JMby •Kira•
Park Jimin has always been at the top of your list when it comes to people you despise. You and him could never be friends, let alone more than that. Right? "Fuck...
  • jin
  • jungkook
  • parkjimin
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Daddy Kink | BTS Namjoon by DaisyDollDaze
Daddy Kink | BTS Namjoonby 데이지
Hazel has had it with her mom always bringing a new guy home to enjoy the night in bed with. It's stressful and disgusting living with her and dealing with moans and the...
  • kimnamjoon
  • kink
  • fanfiction
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Merman | Vkook by Elahtae
Merman | Vkookby Ela
In which merman Kim Taehyung gets captured by the pirate king Jeon Jeongguk TopKook BottomTae Cover by: rinkzzz7
  • topkook
  • namjin
  • boyxboy
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Unrequited love | RM by Jiminttrash
Unrequited love | RMby H
Y/n and Namjoon have been best friends since the 6th grade. Only problem being that Namjoon is in love with y/n and can't do anything about it because she's already in...
  • bangtan
  • kimnamjoon
  • bts
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Little || BTS by yoongicutebum
Little || BTSby Squishy 🌈
(SLOW UPDATES) It's not easy being a closeted little, especially when you're living with seven other guys. Song Mira has been desperately trying to keep this small secre...
  • bts
  • kimnamjoon
  • minyoongi
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