(Chapter 03) Of this fake love

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Finally, the moment came when Jungkook got up off the sofa, he felt dizzy.

He threw a hand against the wall to steady his feet.

Jimin stood at the end of the hallway and, without even looking toward him, Jungkook knew Jimin's eyes were lined with tears.

Even if they all believed BigHit was going to save him, it hurt Jimin to see Jungkook in so much pain.

To see him so helpless.

To see him drink through 20 bottles of water like it was normal and didn't bother him.

It didn't bother Jungkook, actually.

Not really.

Sure, he was literally throwing water back up as he filled himself with more,

and breathing had begun to feel sore and difficult,

but it wasn't a big deal compared to all the things he'd willing suffered in his lifetime.

If this was the fight for his life or death,

it was actually one of the easiest fights he'd ever had to face.


He knew it was late into the night when he got up to pee yet again but this time had to lean against the door frame, panting.

It had to have been over 24 hours since he bonded with a girl then, he knew.

And also because they had started wiping his arms and legs with wet towels, trying to get that marginally more water into him, wanting him to have as much moisture as possible through his skin if he was already drinking to the brim.

And he was.

He never stopped sipping.

The strain had now crept over his entire torso, down his abdomen and inching toward his good arm.

It felt like the flu, except way worse, and weirdly isolated to only the area of his body affected.

It hurt the worst in his right hand; the pain had started to be sharp and digging in his palm by the afternoon.

Good, he thought, the hand that started all of this deserved to be punished.

He tried not to worry about how he would go to the bathroom once his entire body fell to it.

They wanted to give him an herbal tea as soon as Namjoon had dialed the managers and BigHit was jumping into a frenzy.

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