(Chapter 09) Who are you

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You jerk, woken by a vibration in your throat.

It was your own voice, trying to groan.

"She's finally awake. Water, give her water."

Something wet dribbled against your lips and your open your mouth.

Metal pressed gently against your teeth as someone fed you a spoonful of water.

"I'm going to help you lift your head a little, so you can drink better, alright?" came a gentle, soft voice.

A warm hand slid behind your head and held you up as a shush of fabric zipped under you.

You open your eyes.

A woman in her 30s.

She let you down gently, now propped higher on a second pillow.

She smiles as you look at her and offers you a plastic water bottle with a straw in it.

She holds the straw to your mouth.

You meekly accept it, never been fed by a stranger before.

"It's alright. You'll be up and fine in no time. You're just a little weak right now is all."

It shocks you when the empty slurp of air echoes through the air, but the woman just smiles as though she's pleased and picks up another bottle.

"Can you drink more?"

You nod, secretly wanting a third bottle already.

She gracefully inserts the straw into the new bottle and holds it to your face again.

Your eyes are already bouncing over the room as you suck through the straw greedily. You've never been so thirsty before.

You have no idea where you are, but you almost choke when you realize there were a roomful of people looking at you.

The woman feeding you slides a finger under your chin and tilts your face back toward her until you look at each other.

"We are Big Hit managers and staff. We also have one doctor and one nurse here.

And everyone is here to make sure you and Jungkook are OK.

You have nothing to worry about."

Everything came thundering back into you.

The concert.

The flu.

No, not the flu. The soulmate bonding.

Finally realizing after days of wasted time that you had bonded.

The struggle to call someone for help.

The certainty that you were going to die.

You let go of the straw in a daze, gulping for the air your lungs were frantic to pull in.

Your head was spinning.

The woman held the bottle up to her eyes and shook it,

nodding pleasantly as she noted it was almost empty anyway.

She put a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

"You'll feel better the more water you drink.

You don't need to eat yet, but you still need water.

And try to keep your arm still, it's healing the both of you."

Your arm?

You look down at your arm for the first time.

And almost leap out of your skin to find a guy lying next to you, his arm against your arm.

You're lying on a wide mat, laid down on the floor of some house.

To one side of you knelt the woman watering you.

And to the other side of you...

His skin touching your skin...

... was Jeon Jungkook.





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