(Chapter 41) I can't withstand it

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July 31, 2019



"No bias?" he repeats darkly.


She flusters.

"I... I just,

I love Yoongi's raps,

and his music... I just, I really admired his music."

Jungkook rolls his tongue in his cheek.

This is ridiculous.

He never minded before when fans had their bias.

Of course some people connected differently

or related to someone's background more than others.

Every human being is different.

He never minded before.

He was happy, even, when a fan was a hyung line bias.

Why was he getting so worked up right now?

Yoongi hyung is incredibly talented.

Ridiculously hard working making music.

He spat fire when he rapped.

Of course a girl would bias him.

Just as long as it isn't my girl,

the voice in his chest growls.

But she was flushing scarlet,

watching him,

tense as a deer about to bolt.

Of all times,

now is when Yoongi's dry voice of reason appears Jungkook's head.

Ya, Jungkook.

You want her to choose you

yet you scare her half the time by being a raging monster.

Jungkook forces himself to stand still

and not react to the voice

of the very guy

he was mad about.

He takes a deep breath

through his nose,

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