Chapter 23 (Honestly)

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Thank you all so much for your adorable comments.

I feel so lucky to have you as my readers.

Whenever I feel stuck, I read all the wonderful things you all write for me and I feel motivated again.

On that topic, I'm making Soulmate Bonded a series, branching out to other BTS members.

I'll start with the most requested.

Call out your biases.



"Hi," he says.

"I'm Soobin!"

He is endearing and cute,

his large eyes bright,

an eager-to-please grin on his face.

You couldn't help but relax.

"Hi, Soobin," you smile back.

"I work at Bighit too. I am with the group Tomorrow By Together!"

He turns, beckoning at another boy who comes around the corner.

"Beomgyu-ah, come say hi to noona."

The other boy runs over, bobbing sweetly and giving you a bow from the waist as he runs.

You definitely spend a moment concerned as he weaves around a table, his head lowered and still running forward blindly.

Yep, his shin hits the table, and he gives a muffled "mmmfff" of pain.

"Noona, this is Beomgyu, he is my band member."

Soobin wraps his arm around Beomgyu's shoulder.

"This noona here... she is.... Jungkook hyung's... uh, hyung's..." Soobin stutters, glancing at you as his ears go red.

"I'm his Soulmate. It's okay, you can say it," you smile, hoping you look gracious instead of mortified.

"The manager-nims just told us," Soobin says shyly.

"We don't have any other Soulmates at Bighit," Beomgyu says, his hand gripping his shin.

"Hyung?" comes another voice.

"Huening Kai!" Soobin turns to the new boy and waves at him to join.

"This is our maknae," he tells you.

"Annyeonghaseyo," Huening Kai chirps, bowing.

And you wish they'd all stop bowing while running because Huening Kai also dangerously misses the coffee table where Beomgyu just hurt himself.

"This is Jungkook hyung's soulmate," Soobin says, smoother this time, though he still peeks at you carefully.

"Ah! Soulmate!" Huening Kai claps his hands together romantically.

"What is it like, having a soulmate?"

He edges himself onto the sofa beside you, tilting his head like he was waiting for a story.

And with that, Beomgyu also sits down cross-legged on the rug, although Soobin stayed standing.

They all look to you.

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