(Chapter 46) Although I can't

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Hi Soulmates!

It's been a long week, thanks for coming back.

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Sept 03, 2019



Flashback chapter.
POV retold.




Hi, are you still there?

Jungkook presses send before he steps into the elevator.

He had been in vocal recording with Namjoon all morning,

and during their breaks Namjoon had given him plenty of advice about this Soulmate Bond.

And now...

Jungkook felt grounded.


Confident, finally.

His phone buzzes as he exits onto the 3rd floor.

Hey. I'm out having pizza with Tae.

She was with Taehyung again.

Jungkook sighs.


Are you back at Bighit? Want me to bring you some pizza?

Are you guys eating in a restaurant?

Jungkook wonders if he can get a driver to take him to them.

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