Julissa's P.O.V

"I think the baby is going to be born!"I yelled.

Zayn quickly ran towards me.

"I'll call the ambulance!Hold on!"Zayn yelled as he dial the ambulance.

The ambulance came and took me. We arrived at the hospital in London.

"Push!"The doctor said.

Nicole's P.O.V

Zayn texted me that Julissa was having her baby.I quickly told Niall and he drived me to the hospital.Asi entered the room I saw a beautiful baby girl on her mom's hands.

"What's her name?"I asked.

"I want you guys to meet Abbiegail."Julissa said.

"She's beautiful!"I said.

"I know."Julissa said.

"I'm officially a father!"Zayn said.

"Congrats!"Niall said.

That can be me someday and I know I would be happy.

"Thanks!"Zayn and Julissa said.

"Is there a food court here?"Niall asked.

"Yes."Zayn said.

"Niall, you hungry boy!"I said.

"I'm starving!"Niall said.

"Fine let's eat!Be right back!"I said.

We went to eat in a small food court in the hospital.

"Is that the paparazzi?"I asked.

"Oh sh!t it is!"Niall said.

"Hide!"I said.

We tried to hide from the paparazzi and it actually worked.They left and Niall and I went back to eating.

"Great night last night!"Niall said.

"Shut the f*ck up.You know I love you but it's kinda private."I said.

"You're right babe.Kiss?"Niall asked.

"Ok kiss!"I said.

I kissed him in the mouth and then we started to make out.

"Let's go somewhere private."Niall said.

"Thats enough for today."I said.

"You stole my heart!"Niall said.

"Baby, your a my true love!Now let's go somewhere private!"I said.

"After we finish visiting Abbiegail."Niall said.

"Ok."I said.

We went to visit Julissa in the room and Niall fell asleep in the couch in the room.

"Niall looks so adorable when he sleeps."I whispered.

"Yeah."Julissa whispered.

"Niall wants to do it again."I whispered.

"If you guys do it a lot then you are going to get a baby."Julissa whispered.

"But I love him."I whispered.

"If you want to do it then do it."Julissa whispered.

"We made out in the food court."I whispered.

"You guys kiss everywhere!Just marry him!"Julissa whispered.

"I love him a lot and it's true we do kiss everywhere."I whispered.

"See?"Julissa whispered.

Niall woke up and stood up next to me.

"Your awake!"I said.

"I'm wide awake."Niall said.

"Shhh my baby is sleeping."Julissa whispered.

"Sorry.Lets do it!"Niall whispered.

"Niall you are so adorable when you sleep."I whispered.

"Are we going to do it?"Niall asked.

"No."I whispered.

"Why?"Niall asked.

"Because you are addicted to it!"I whispered.

"Come on babe!"Niall whispered.

"No!"I whispered.

"One more time?"Niall asked.

"I can't say bad words in front of the baby but if I can I would."I whispered.

"Just do it!"Julissa whispered.

"See?Julissa thinks we should do it."Niall whispered.

"An 18 year old and a 19 year old doing it?Huh, ok fine!"I whispered.

"Who's my girl?"Niall whispered.

"I am."I said while hugging him.

"Have any of you guys seem Josh lately?"Julissa whispered.

"No,not since your wedding."Niall whispered.

"I'll call him."I said.

I went outside of the room and called him like 3 times until he finally anwsered.

"Hello?"Josh asked.

"Josh!Where are you?"I asked.

"I'm on a bridge."Josh said.

"What the f*ck are you doing in a bridge?"I asked.

"Bye."Josh said as he hung up.

I entered the room quickly and ran towards Niall.

"What's going on?"Niall asked.

"I think Josh is going to suicide!"I said.

We quickly drived to the only bridge in London.I saw him standing on the top of the bridge.

"Josh!"I yelled.

~To Be Continued~

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