Nicole's P.O.V

"I thought you knew and people are spreading rumors that they might get married."Zayn said.

I was drinking water until I spit it all out.

"What!!"I yelled.

"I'm sorry."Zayn said.

"I need to talk to him!!"I yelled.

"Don't!!"Julissa said while pushing me back.

"Why?"I asked.

"Because he is going to think that you want him back!"Julissa said.

"Soooo,"I said.

"Do you want to get him back?"Julissa asked.

"Yeah!"I said.

"Then make him jealous!"Julissa said.

"But with who?"I asked.

"Umm...Zayn!"Julissa said.

"Zayn?"I asked.

"He doesn't know that Zayn and I are back together so you guys can fake date."Julissa said.

"Ok."I said.

"Ok so when do we start?"Zayn asked.

"Now!"Julissa said.

Julissa pushed both of us outside the door.

"What!!"I said.

"Hey, Nicole and Zayn?!"Niall said.

"Hi Niall."I said.

"Are you two dating?"Niall asked.

"Yeah."Zayn said.

"I thought you were going to ask Julissa to be your girlfriend."Niall said.

"You see--"Zayn said.

"Why do you care?"I asked.

"I'm just wondering!"Niall said.

"Where is Madison?"I asked.

"At Starbucks getting some coffee."Niall said.

"Oh well, Zayn and I are going to the movies."I said.

"Cool can Madison and I come with."Niall said.

"Uhh sure."I said.

"Hey babe!"Madison said.

"Hey!"Niall said.

Niall kissed Madison.

"Maddie do you want to go to the movies with Zayn and Nicole. Apparently they are dating."Niall said.

"Yeah sure."Madison said.

We went to the movies and when I came back I went to talk to Julissa in my room.

"I don't get it!"I said.

"You don't get what?"Julissa asked.

"Niall didn't look jealous!"I said.

"Maybe he really moved on."Julissa said.

"Hahaha Niall moving on!!You weren't kidding were you?"I asked.

"Seriously maybe he doesn't like you anymore."Julissa said.

"I'm going to talk to him."I said.

"But remember don't spill the beans."Julissa said.

"Don't worry I'm not going to fart."I said.

"I meant about you and Zayn "dating"."Julissa said.

"Ok I won't."I said.

I went to talk to Niall and I opened the door.

"Hey Niall."I said.

"Hey!"Niall said while he was playing guitar.

"Your concert is tomorrow."I said.

"Yup!"Niall said.

"Good luck!"I said.

"Do you have tickets?"Niall asked.

"Yup VIP!"I said.

"Julissa and you are going?"Niall asked.

"Yeah but I wasn't going to talk to you about that."I said.

"Then what were you going to talk about?"Niall asked.

"Do you still have feelings for me?Just wondering!!"I said.

"Umm I'm going to be honest with you, yes I still have feelings for you."Niall said.

"Then why didn't it look like you didn't like me anymore?"I said.

"Because when I saw you with Zayn I felt like you didn't love me anymore."Niall said.

"But I always loved you but since I heard about you and Madison and a wedding, I felt like my love to you was hopeless."I said.

"Madison wanted to get married but i need to focus on my career."Niall said.

"Zayn and I are not really dating. I just wanted to make you jealous."I said.

"So he's dating Julissa?"Niall asked.

"Yup!Why are you dating Madison?"I asked.

"Because if I don't she will kill herself!"Niall said.

"What?"I said.

~To Be Continued~

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