Julissa's P.O.V

"Hey, I see you got my note."Harry said.

"What!!"I said.

"I mean, you wrote the letter?"I asked.

"Yes and even though you are dating Zayn I want to be with you."Harry said.

"Harry, I----"I said.

"Shhh...kiss me."Harry said.

Harry leaned over and kissed but I tried to push him back.

"Harry stop!!"I yelled.

I told him to stop but he wouldn't stop.

"STOOOPPPP!!!!!"Zayn yelled.

Harry finally stopped.

"What are you doing?!!??"Zayn asked.

"I wrote the letter to Julissa!"Harry said.

"Thats it I'm betting the fuck out him!!"Zayn yelled as he almost punched Harry.

"Well she said yes!!"Harry yelled.

"It's because she wanted to know who wrote it!!"Zayn yelled.

"Well she meant to say yes!!"Harry yelled.

"NOOO!!!"I yelled.

"That's it!!"Zayn yelled.

Zayn punched Harry and everyone was staring at us.

"That's it!!"Harry said.

Harry flipped our table.

"Guys stop this is getting out of hand!!!"I yelled.

Harry and Zayn started to punch each other and they were both bleeding.

"What is going on??!?"Nicole asked as she came.

"They are fighting try to seperate them!!"I yelled.

We tried to seperate them and Louis,Eleanor,Danielle,Liam and Niall came.

"Wow whats going on?"Louis asked.

"They're fighting help us seperate them!!"I yelled.

"Ok!"Liam yelled.

Liam,Louis and Niall tried to separate them.

"I love her!!!"Harry yelled.

"But she doesn't love you!!"Zayn yelled.

"Yeah she does!!!"Harry yelled.

"Guys STOOPPP!!"I yelled.

"She loves me more!!'Harry yelled.

"You love her just because you got rejected by Nicole!!!"Zayn yelled.

"Wow I told you guys to not talk about that anymore!!"Nicole yelled.

"Well sorry buys it true!!!"Zayn said.

"NOOO I love Julissa with all my heart!!"Harry said.

"Guys just STOOPPP!!"Eleanor yelled.

"Wow what is going on!!"Perrie said.

"Zayn and Harry are fighting for Julissa!!"Danielle yelled.

"Break it up you two are friends!!"Perrie yelled.

"We were until some betrayed!!"Zayn yelled.

"I didn't bretrayed you I just fell in love with your girlfriend!!"Harry yelled.

"You take that back!!!"Zayn yelled pushing Liam and Louis.

"I'm sorry Zayn let's stop this because we are mates!!"Harry yelled.

"It's ok just don't ever mess with my gf ever again!!"Zayn yelled.

"Ok Zayn."Harry said.

"Let's go have a cup of frozen yogurt!"Eleanor said.

"Ok!!"Everyone said.

Nicole's P.O.V

We all went to get frozen yogurt and Harry had his eye on the waitress.

"Here you and enjoy your frozen yogurt!"She said.

"Thanks!"Harry said nervously.

"Harry can I talk to you?"I asked.

"Yeah sure!"Harry said.

We went to talk in the corner of the store.

"I can help you to ask the waitress out!"I said.

"What!!You think I have a crush on the waitress!!"Harry said.

"Yeah and it's obvious!!"I said.

"Ok but I don't know how to ask her out!"Harry said.

"Just ask her!"I said.

"Right here I go!"Harry said.

Harry walked right in front of the waitress and asked,"Hey I'm Harry!Would you like to go on a date with me?"Harry said.

~To Be Continued~

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