Nicole's P.O.V

After a few days after the fight, Niall and Harry were coming home. So, I decided to make them a welcome back party even though they were still ignoring each other. Julissa and Zayn still didn't talk to each other which I thought they would but it's been two days and they are still not talking to each other.

"Louis!Liam!Can you guys organize the party?"I told them.

"Yeah, sure since Danielle and Eleanor are coming too!"Liam said.

"Ok great they can help too!"I told them.

"Also, Can one of you guys buy the balllons?"I asked.

"I'll do it!"Louis said.

"Ok great!"I said.

Julissa's P.O.V

I was mad at Zayn that he almost kissed a girl in the hospital. Nicole was trying to get us back together by making us sit next to each other on the ride to the hospital. When we got to the hospital to pick up Harry and Niall, they were both pretending that they didn't know each other.

"He started it!"Niall yelled.

"NOO, if you couldnt notice the fact that she was pretending to like you to make me jealous!!"Harry screamed.

"NOO, you are just jealous of me!!"Niall yelled.

"Sureeee, I'm the jealous one!!"Harry yelled back.

"Ok guys!! Just stop or I choose none of guys!!I can't believe you guys were friends and now you are fighting!!"Nicole yelled as she left.

"Wait Nicole don't leave!!"I told her.

Nicole already left and Harry and Niall were both sad. I decided to go with her but Zayn stayed.

Zayn's P.O.V

Julissa left with Nicole so I felt like I needed to them the truth.

"You guys are acting ridiculous and have you seen Nicole!"I told them.

"........" Thats all they said.

"You guys are best friends and you guys should apologize to each other and Nicole!"I told them.

".....I'm sorry Harry!"Niall said.

"I'm sorry Niall!"Harry said to Niall.

At the end they were best friends again so they shook hands. We decided to head back to hotel to find Nicole and for the surprise party we put up for Harry and Niall. When we opened our door of our suite everyone yelled"SURPRISE!!!"Harry and Niall seemed shock. After a few minutes after eating some cake, Harry and Niall were looking for Nicole, Julissa was at the party but there was no sign of Nicole.

Niall's P.O.V

"Where is Nicole!"I asked myself.

Everyone started to look for her but we didn't know where was she. We looked everywhere, in her room, her suite, the bathroom but we couldn't find her!

Where is Nicole?

~To Be Continued~

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