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Nicole's P.O.V

"Would you go out with me?"James asked.

"...I just can't.My true love is Niall and I love him do much."I said.

"Ok I understand."James said.

"Hey!There's my mofo!"Josh said as he walked towards me and hugged me.

"Are you two dating?"James asked.

"No!He's my mofo and we are just friends."I said.

"Hi I'm Josh."Josh said.

"I'm James."James said.

"Dude back off my mofo!"Josh said.

"I'm out of here!Wait there are two cute girls over there!Bye!"He said as he walked towards Julissa and Emma.

"Joshy!You are my mofo and I'm not your mofo!"I said.

"Ok then your my best friend."Josh said.

"Awww."I said as I gave him a hug.

"Hey Nicole and mofo number two."Niall said.

We stopped hugging.

"Niall my love!"I said.

"I heard what James asked you!What did you say?"Niall asked.

"I said no because I really want to be with you."I said.

"So you want to do it tonight?"Niall asked.

"Maybe."I said.

"Come here!"Niall said.

Niall gave me a hug and kissed me on my nose.

"GET OUT!"Harry yelled to James.


Emma's P.O.V

I was talking to Julissa about how happy I am for her baby girl.

"When is it going to be born?"I asked.

"Next week and our wedding is tomorrow!"Julissa said excitedly.

"I'm so happy that you picked Danielle,Nicole,Eleanor,Demi and I to be your bridesmaids!"I said.

"I know!Demi was so happy for us, she said yes to be the bridesmaid!"Julissa said happily.

All of a sudden a guy that we helped came towards us.

"I'm James."James said.

"I'm Emma and this is Julissa."I said.

"Wow!You two are really hot!"James said.

"It's nothing!"Julissa said.

"Want to go out?"James asked.

"Ummm.."Julissa said.

"Are you making a move on our girls?"Zayn asked.

"Umm."James said.

"GET OUT!"Harry yelled.


"You know what!F*ck you all!"He yelled as he left.

"If I ever see him, he is screwed!"Zayn said.

"Zayn I was never going to say yes!I love you babe!"Julissa said.

"Our wedding is tomorrow and I love you babe!"Zayn said.

"Every bridesmaid need a date,so Dani and Liam.El and Lou.Hazza and Emma.Nicole and Niall.Josh and Demi.Justin and Selena."Julissa said.

"You got my ex girlfriend to be my date for your wedding?"Justin asked.

"Yeah!Demi asked her and she said yes!"Julissa said.

"Ok I guess its just one date."Justin said.

"Tomorrow is your big day do you guys need to rest!"Eleanor said.

"Yeah I'm sleeping here!"Zayn said.

"And I'm sleeping at my apartment with Nicole!"Julissa said.

"And I'm sleeping with Niall."Nicole said.

"And Harry and I are going to make sure everything goes as planned."I said.

"Thanks you guys!I love you all!"Julissa said.

"Group hug?"Demi asked.

"Last time we had a group hug, someone broke their leg.Was that even possible?"Julissa asked.

"But we can try it one more time!"Danielle said.

We all hugged excitedly for tomorrow.

"We are best friends Forever!"Nicole said.

Nicole's P.O.V


After a long night with Niall,I went to Julissa's apartment to wake her up.It was the day she was getting married!!!

"Julissa, wake up it's your big day!"I said excitedly.

"I'm up!"Julissa said.

Julissa and I were getting dressed and putting our make up on. We were all going to meet each other at the wedding. We arrived at the wedding in a limo.I holded Niall's arm as we walked thru the rug. The music started and Julissa looked beautiful walking thru the rug. Her family were here and so was all of Zayn's.Julissa walked to Zayn and they holded hands.

"The ceremony will now begin!"The priest said.

~To Be Continued~

Author's Note: The next chapter will be called Forever and Always.I might write two or maybe three chapters today!!=D

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