Niall's P.O.V

It was crazy! Waking up next to a stranger was pretty weird and I got really scared that I fell of the bed with the blanket on top of me.

"How the fuck are you?"I yelled.

"I'm your girlfriend silly."The American girl said.

"Girlfriend?"I asked.

"Yeah we meet at the club last night and we did it hard!"She said.

"I did it with the wrong person!"I said.

"How is this Nicole chick you were talking about?"She said.

"She is my girlfriend, well we broke up but anyways you see I was really drunk last night."I said.

"You want to see our pics?"She asked.

"Give me that!"I said.

I looked at the pictures and one was her laying next to me while I was sleeping. Another one had me drinking a lot of alcohol. The last one was me kissing her.

"You like?"She asked.

"No!"I said.

"Well it looked like you liked it! Besides I sended the pics to everyone of your contacts and the paparazzi."She said.

"What?!!"I yelled.

"And I put my phone number on your phone in case you want to do it again."She said as she winked.

I put my clothes on and leaves as fast as I can.

"Wait babe!"She yelled.

"..BYE!"I yelled as I was leaving.

"My name is Natasha!"She yelled.

"Wait!Do you live in New Jersey?"I asked.

"Yeah!I go to college there!"Natasha said.

"So you are that bitch that Nicole was talking about?"I asked.

"Oh that Nicole from New Jersey?"She asked.

"Yeah!"I said.

"I know her oops I guess she is seeing the pics right now!"She said.

"I'm going to call her so bye!"I said.

I called Nicole and she didn't Anwser but I know she always has her phone with her.

Nicole's P.O.V

Julissa found me crying in my bed.

"What's wrong?"Julissa said.

"I'm sad and mad!"I cried.

"Why are you mad?"Julissa said.

"Because look at these pics I got from Niall."I said while showing Julisa.

"Is he naked there?"Julissa asked.

"Yeah!"I cried.

Julissa gave me a hug to feel better.

"Wait!"She said while looking at the pic.

"What?!"I asked.

"Isn't that....NATASHA!!"She yelled.

"OMG that is Natasha trying to steal my man!"I yelled.

"If I see that bitch one more time, I'm so going to punch her!"Julissa said.

"Well, now you can because we are going to California!"I said.

"Let's get our ticket and pack!"Julissa said.

"Oh look I got a phone call, ignore!"I said.

"That's the spirit!"Julissa said.

We got our ticket and packed and we were on our way to California.

"Look at these airplane magazines!"Julissa said.

"Yeah and it has Niall and Natasha's face on it!"I said while a drew a mustache and a beard on Natasha's picture.

Niall's P.O.V


I was so excited that the VMAs was today but Natasha wanted to talk to me.

"Niall, I went to the doctor's yesterday and he said I'm pregnant."Natasha said.

~To Be Continued~

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