Zayn's P.O.V

Nicole kissed me and Julissa came and saw us.

"What is going on?"Julissa asked.

"I'm so sorry I didn't mean to!!"Nicole said.

"Julissa you know I love you."Zayn said.

"I screwed up and I'm sorry."Nicole said.

We heard a knock and it was Niall coming back from the hospital with a cast.

"Please don't tell Niall!!"Nicole said.

"Ok I forgive you and I won't tell Niall!"Julissa said.

"Zayn, I really didn't meant what I said and I'm sorry."Nicole said.

"Its alright."Zayn said.

"I won't tell Niall ok!"Julissa said.

"Ok good because he's going to think that I betrayed him."I said.

"Don't worry I love you and Niall won't find out!"Julissa said.

"I love you too."I said.

I gave Julissa a kiss and Niall came in the room.

"Hey guys!"Niall said.

"NIALL!!"Nicole yelled.

Nicole gave him a hug.

Nicole's P.O.V

"How is your arm?"I asked.

"Better I don't need surgery!!"Niall said.

"I'm glad."I said.

"Are you ok?"Niall asked.

"Yeah why?"I asked.

"Just wondering."Niall said.

"We are all happy you are back!!"Zayn said.

"Thanks guys."Niall said.


"Morning!"Julissa said.

"Morning!"I said.

"So, how long do you think you can keep your secret?"Julissa asked.

"I don't---"I said.

Niall opened the door out of nowhere.

"What secret?"Niall asked.

"Nothing!"I said.

"Nicole tell me or, or---"Niall said.

"Or what!"I said.

"Or it's over!"Niall said.

"Niall, I can't tell you or you will be mad at me!!"I said.

"Tell me!!"Niall yelled.

"Ok fine!!I kissed Zayn!!"I said.

"What!!"Niall yelled.

"I'm sorry I guessed I like him for a second but now--"I said.

"It's over!!"Niall yelled.

"Yeah maybe should be over officially!"I yelled.

"Ok fine!If you would excuse me I'm going for rehearse for a concert."Niall said.

Niall left and Zayn too.

"What did you just do?!"Julissa asked.

"What do you mean?"I asked.

"Don't you love him?"Julissa asked.

"I just think I need to move on!"I said.

"That's it you are just over like that!"Julissa said.

"Yeah and I think I'm going to take this bracelet off."I said.

"If you love him just don't ignore your love."Julissa said.

"Ok whatever."I said.

"Ok."Julissa said.

"What time is Zayn coming back from rehearsal?"I asked.

"In like two hours.Why?"Julissa asked.

"So I can give Niall this bracelet back."I said.

"Just give him a chance."Julissa said.

"Or it wasn't meant to be!"I said.

"I guess. There are a lot of cute British guys."Julissa said.

"Yeah and I guess Niall can stay with Madison and either way I don't give a shit."I said.

"Yeah."Julissa said.

~2 hours later~

"Hey Niall."I said.

"Hey."Niall said.

"I want to give you your bracelet back."I said.

"Keep it!"Niall said.

"I don't want it!"I said.

"Just keep it!"Niall said.

"No!"I said.

"Keep the fricken bracelet!!"Niall said.

"Shut up!"I said.

"How about you!"Niall said.

"Shut the fuck up!!"I said.

"Make me!!"Niall said.

"You want to go there?"I asked.

"Yeah!"Niall said.

"Come at me bro!!"I yelled.

Julissa came and stopped us.

"Guys stop!!"Julissa yelled.

"If you guys are going to fight why not poke your selves in the eye!!"Julissa said.

"Julissa I'm sorry."I said.

"No I'm sorry."Niall said.

"I said first!"I said.

"Well I--"Niall said.

"You guys are impossible just get back together geez!!"Julissa yelled.

Julissa left and Niall and I were talking.

"Maybe she is right!"I said.

"Yeah we should get back together."Niall said.

"What!!"I said.

"What!!"Niall said.

"I was going to say that we are impossible and you want to get back together?"I asked.

"Why you want to get back together?"Niall asked.

~To Be Continued~

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