Niall's P.O.V

The doctor said I can only save one between Nicole and Niall Jr. I thought the London hospital here would save both of them but I had to choose one.

"I choose....."I said.

"Be careful and if you choose Nicole you are going to have to give her some of your blood but if you choose the baby then we are going to have to take it out."The doctor said.

I said,"I choose....."

Nicole's P.O.V

I woke up and I saw everything blurry and then I saw Niall.

"Your awake that's good I'll tell the doctor!"He said while calling the doctor.

"Where's my baby?"I asked.

"It......it died."Niall said.

"WHAT?!!!"I said.

"Nicole I'm really sorry but when Natasha pushed you to the floor a few months ago, it really affected the baby."Niall said.

"WHY!Why does everything bad happen to me!"I said.

"I had to choose one."Niall said.

"What do you mean?"I asked.

"I had to choose between saving your life or the baby's but I chose you."Niall said as he started to cry while holding my hand.

"Why did you choose me?"I asked.

"Because we can try to have a baby another time and I need you in my life!"Niall said.

".......did you choose me just because you didn't want to be a father and take care of the baby alone?"I asked.

"No......it's not true."Niall said.

"Tell me the truth because good parents would always save their child!"I said.

"Ok maybe that's true."Niall said.

"Was this all to just protect your career?"I asked.

"No...maybe....ok yes!"Niall said.

"I thought you wanted this?"I asked.

"I never wanted it until I was in my 20s!"Niall said.

"Why didn't you just tell me the truth!"I said.

"I'm so sorry!"Niall said.

"Now it's too late we already lost a child and it was all just to protect your career!"I said.

"You can go home now."The doctor said.

"Ok good because I'm leaving!"I said.

"Nicole wait!Im really sorry!"Niall said.

"It's all over just leave me alone."I said.

I went to a hotel to spend the night because I couldn't go back to my house with Niall anymore. At night I got calls and text messages from Niall but I just ignored it. I wasn't in the mood for eating or sleeping or do anything, I was so depress.

Niall's P.O.V

Julissa told me that Nicole was staying at a hotel so I went to open the door and there she was.

"Nicole what are you doing?"I asked.

"It's all over."Nicole said.

"Put that knife down."I said.

"I lost everything I loved including you."Nicole said.

"You didn't lose me, I'm still with you and don't do this."I said.

"I'm....I'm so depress."Nicole cried dropping the knife.

"Come here,"I said while hugging her.

"I thought our baby would survive but he didn't and we already had a room for him."Nicole said.

"We may have lose the baby but we didn't lose each other."I said.

".....do you still love me?"Nicole asked.

"Yes and even though we didn't have a baby but we can still live with each other."I said.

"Yes and now let's go home."Nicole said.

We went to our home in London and we told everyone the bad news.

"I'm so sorry."Julissa said.

"It's ok but now I feel do much better."Nicole said.

"Well I have to go, Zayn and I are going to the movies."Julissa said.

"Ok bye."I said.

"Bye."Julissa said.

Julissa left and Nicole and I were organizing the house since the baby is not going to live with us.

"Niall! Your closet is so messy!"Nicole yelled.

"I'll fix it after the game."I said laying down on the couch.

"And when is it over?"Nicole asked.

"In about 2 hours."I said.

"Niall!Niall!!Niall!!"Nicole yelled while trying to get my attention.

"What!!!"I yelled.

"Fix your closet!!"Nicole yelled.

"After the game!"I yelled.

"Ok fine I won't buy Nando's."Nicole said.

"I want Nando's!"I yelled.

"Then fix your closet."I said.

"Ughh fine!"I yelled.

"Haha!"Nicole said.

"What are you laughing about?"I asked.

"We sound like an old married couple."Nicole said.

"Hahaha no lets go to Nando's!"I said.

"After you clean your closet!"Nicole said.

"Finneee."I said

I fixed my closet and went to Nando's and we saw Julissa and Zayn.

"Hey guys!"I said.

"Hey."Julissa said.

Justin Bieber came to hang out since his tour was over and it look like he was checking out Julissa and Nicole.

"Are you checking out our girls?"I asked.

~To Be Continued~

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