Julissa's P.O.V

"Julissa,Zayn your baby is a girl!"The doctor said.

"Yes!"Zayn said.

"Congratulations!"The doctor said.

"Thanks!"I said.

"You can go home now."The doctor said.

Zayn and I went home and saw Nicole just chilling in the couch watching tv.

"Hey!"Nicole said.

"Hey!The baby is a girl!"I said.

"Congrats guys!"Nicole said.

"Where's Niall?"I asked.

"He left and we are just friends."Nicole said.

"REALLY good friends!"I said.

"I'm just so lonely!"Nicole said.

"What about Justin?"Zayn asked.

"He probably hates me cause I picked Niall over him."Nicole said.

"Just hang out with him or something!As long as you do something!"Zayn said.

Nicole left to Justin's house and it was just Zayn and I.

"Babe, do you want me to text everyone the news?"I asked.

"Yeah sure!I'll text my parents,sisters and Liam,Harry,Louis and Niall."Zayn said.

"Ok I'll text Dani,El and Emma."I said.

I texted them the news and they were so happy for Zayn and I.

Nicole's P.O.V

I went to Justin's house and he opened the door.

"Hey."I said.

"Hey babe!Long time no see!"Justin said.

"Do you want to hang out?"I asked.

"Yeah!I was on my way to the movies alone cause my friends were busy."Justin said.

"Cool!We are going to have an amazing time!"I said.

When we went to the movies, we saw Niall.

"Niall?"I asked.

"Hi Nicole!And Justin."Niall said.

"Who is this?"I asked.

"This is Demi Lovato.My girlfriend!"Niall said.

"Your girlfriend?"I asked.

~To Be Continued~

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