Nicole's P.O.V


"She deserves to be with me!"Harry yelled.

"Harry?"I yelled.

"Harry what are you doing here?"I asked.

"I came because you deserve to be with me!"Harry screamed.

"Harry?I thought we were friends?"Niall said.

"Yeah but I fell in love with Nicole!"Harry screamed.

"Back off Nicole and we are already dating!"Niall screamed.

"Nicole, who is it gonna be this leprecaun or me!"Harrry yelled.

"Harry leave we are in the middle of our date!"Zayn started yelling.

"Nicole I love you but was it gonna be?"Niall asked.

"I'm confused!"I told them.

"Well she is definitely going to pick me because she is mine!"Harry screamed.

"No she is mine!"Niall screamed back.

Harry started punching Niall and Niall didn't want to fight back but Niall was getting hurt so I told them "STOP!!!"

They were still fighting and Niall was bleeding so he started to fight back for self defense. They both were bleeding so the waitress called some guys to split them up. Zayn was there helping to seperate them too. Julissa was trying to calm me down but it was just too hard. Niall and Harry were. Both bleeding and Niall got knocked off so I held him with my hands.

"Niall are you ok?"I asked.

"......kinda."He said.

I started to cry and Julissa was trying to calm me down and it really helped. When we got to the hospital, I grabbed Niall's hand so tight. The police and the ambulence came took take Niall and Harry.I turned the tv on and it turns out that the paparazzi got the whole thing on video. It was in the main story in every channel! I love Niall but I hate to see him fight with Harry for me! The paparazzi was waiting outside the hospital! Zayn and Julissa came with me to visit Niall.

"Niall, how do you feel?"I asked him.

When I saw him he had a mark from the fight in his lip and his hand was kinda broken and for Harry he had a black eye and his leg was hurt.

They both asked me the same thing, "Who is it going to be?"

~To Be Continued~

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