Nicole's P.O.V

"Did you just wink at Julissa?"I asked.

"Ummm....umm."Niall said.

"I saw you, you cheater!"I yelled.

"Nicole you got it all wrong! I had something in my eye!"Niall said.

"Sorry false alarm. Niall I'm sorry."I said.

"You Didnt trust me thats all!"Niall said.

"You know what,I'm going to my room."I said.

Niall's P.O.V

Nicole went to her room and I heard a doorbell.

"Justin what are you doing here?"I asked.

"I came to see Nicole! Where is she?"Justin asked.

"She is in her, our room!"I said.

"Hey Justin what are you doing here?"Nicole asked.

"I brought you these."Justin said as he gave Nicole flowers.

"Thanks how thoughtful of you."Nicole said.

"Your welcome babe."Justin said as he smiled at Nicole.

"Excuse me she is my babe!"I said.

"Niall, it's ok and these are lovely."Nicole said.

"Picked them out special for you."Justin said.

"Oh my gosh you are so sweet!"Nicole said.

"Ok bye Justin!"I said.

"Niall don't be mean! Justin you can stay over."Nicole said.

"Thanks babe but I can't I have a recording session tomorrow so bye guys!"Justin said.

"Bye!"I said.

"Ok bye."Nicole said.

Justin left and Nicole went back to her room. Zayn went to the bathroom.

"So now you have a baby."I said.

"Yup!"Julissa said.

"Don't tell Nicole!"I said.

"Don't tell me what?"Nicole asked.

~To Be Continued~

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