Niall's P.O.V

"Are you checking out our girls?"I asked.

".......no."Justin said.

"Ok well let's eat!"Zayn said.

"I never had Nando's before."Justin said.

"Try living with Niall, he wants to eat at Nando's every week!"Nicole said.

"Not every week!"I said.

"Ok maybe not every week but most of the time it's every week."Nicole said.

"Yup and just so you know Nicole is my GIRLFRIEND and Julissa is PROPOSED to Zayn!"I said.

"Ok I never asked but whatever."Justin said.

"Excuse us."Nicole said as she pulled me to the corner.

"What!"I said.

"Why are you acting like this?"Nicole asked.

"Acting like what?"I asked.

"Like Nicole is my GIRLFRIEND and blah blah."Nicole said.

"I'm just putting that out there."I said.

"Whatever let's eat."Nicole said.

"So you broke up with Selena."Zayn said.

"Yeah I'm still looking for the right girl."Justin said as he winked at the girls.

After we finished eating we went to Justin's place.

"Wow this is so cool!"Julissa said.

"Thanks!Did you guys see the big pool outside?"Justin asked.

"Yeah."Nicole said.

"Can I see your room?"Julissa asked.

"Yeah I'll show you."Justin said.

Zayn's P.O.V

Julissa was taking so long so I went to Justin's room and saw Julissa and Justin making out.

"Julissa!"I yelled.

~To Be Continued~

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