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Nicole's P.O.V

I was getting ready to go to a restaurant. I was wearing a purple,medium dress. My stomach was hurting but I didn't Niall to worry about it so I didn't tell him.

"Nicole!Hurry up!"Niall yelled.

"I'm ready!"I yelled.

I walked downstairs.

"Wow!You look beautiful!"Niall said.

"Thanks.I totally dig your quiff.Haha!"I said.

"Haha thanks."Niall said.

Niall drived to the resturant and we saw everybody. They were all wearing dressed and tuxedos. We were in the VIP area so the paparazzi wouldn't see us. Even Abbigail was there.

"Hey guys!"I said.

"Hey!"Demi said.

"Loui can I talk to you."Harry said.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis and I went to talk in the corner.

"Remember when we were playing spin the bottle and I kissed your girlfriend?"I asked.

"Yeah."Louis said.

"I think I like Eleanor."I said.

"Thanks for being honest."Louis said.

"Are you mad?"I asked.

"No."Louis said.

"But I won't go far because I have Hannah."I said.

"Ok, just remember back off!"Louis said.

Nicole's P.O.V

We started to eat and I ran quickly to the bathroom. I started to throw up and Eleanor came with me.

"Nicole, are you ok?"Eleanor asked.

"Yes.I think."I said.

"Nicole, you are throwing up too much.Did you eat or drink anything?"Eleanor asked.

"No.I didn't eat anything since the morning."I said holding the toilet.

"Nicole, do you think your..."Eleanor said.

"No!Please don't say it."I said.

"I think your pregnant."Eleanor said.

Niall's P.O.V

Nicole came from the bathroom all nervous.

"Nicole, are you ok babe?"I asked.

"Yes."Nicole said.

I grabbed Nicole's hand.

We finished eating so we went to a dancing area the resturant had and a slow song was playing. I was so nervous to ask Nicole to dance but we're dating it's easier. Everyone was dancing so I needed to make my move. Everyone was taking pictures.

"Nicole, would you like to dance?"I asked.

"Sure."Nicole said.

Julissa's P.O.V

Zayn and I were dancing and Abbigail was sitting down quietly.

"I love you babe."Zayn said.

"Me too."I said.

We kissed and it felt like we were going to be together forever.

Niall's P.O.V

Nicole and I danced and she leaned on my shoulder. I had to make a move since she is leaving tomorrow. I was leaning more towards her and suddenly, the slow song stopped.A fast song was moving so everyone started dancing.

"I'm going to sit down."Nicole said.

"Wait!"I said as I holded her hand.

"I have to tell you something."Nicole said.

"What is it?"I asked.

"My flight is delayed.Now instead of leaving at 6pm, I'm leaving at 7pm."Nicole said.

"Yes!I mean, I'm really going to miss you and I want you to be here with me."I said.

"Aww. Your my love."Nicole said.

I leaned until I finally kissed her. We left the resturant and we went home.


It was finally Friday, and Nicole was leaving today.

~To Be Continued~

Author's Note: Thank you so much for reading!Tomorrow last chapter!

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