Nicole's P.O.V

I didn't want to go through the red carpet because I didn't want people to think that i'm taking anadventage of Niall's fame. Julissa and I sat next to each other and he holded my hand when they were annoucing the winners. Katy Perry was announcing and said,"And the winner is One Direction!"

"Im so happy for you!"I said as I hugged him.

Julissa gave Zayn a kiss,Danielle hugged Liam and Louis and Eleanor kissed and the boys went on stage to get their trophy.All the girls were yelling.

"I'm so proud of you guys!"I said.

"Thanks Nicole!"Liam said.

"Now I cant wait for you guys to perform!"Julissa said.

"Yup!Its almost time."Louis said.

"And how is our baby doing?"Niall asked as he kissed my belly.

"I think it's doing ok."I said.

"Good cause I want you to feel comforable."Niall said.

"Niall, it's alright."I said.

"I have to perform now. Bye babe."Niall said.

"Bye. Wish you luck."I said.

The boys were performing One Thing and they were Awsome, I even saw Julissa dancing. When the boys were sing a fan behind me but next to Danielle said,"Niall deserves so much better than you."

"Thank you Love you too."I said.

"Danielled your ugly, Eleanor your fat, Julissa your weird and Nicole ewww!"The girl said.

"Thank you."We all said.

She rolled her eyes and left.

"They are just jealous."Eleanor said.

"Yeah just ignore them."Danielle said.

Julissa,Eleanor,Danielle left to get some food and the security accompinied her and a girl came up to me.

"Your fugly."She said.

"That's it I'm out of here!"I said.

"Paul,"I said.

"Yeah."Paul said.

"Tell Niall I'm going home."I said.

"Ok I'll tell him and do you need security?"Paul asked.

"No it's alright I'm good."I said.

"Ok."Paul said.

Niall's P.O.V

When I was singing I saw Nicole getting away but I had to get her after the song was over. When the song was finally over I ran to Nicole.

"Nicole why are you leaving?"I asked.

"A lot of people hate me and I just want to go home."Nicole said.

"Ok see you at the hotel."I said.

"I'm not going to the hotel I'm going to New Jersey with my baby and if you would excuse me I'm going to the bathroom to throw up."Nicole said.

"You can't leave!"I said.

"Ok fine but where do we go after the awards."I said.

"Come with me to Ireland to meet my parents and the baby because I haven't told them yet."Niall said.

"I would go but what about Julissa?"Nicole asked.

"She and Zayn are going to London so we will see them later this week after we go to Ireland."I said.

"Ok now I'm going to the bathroom."Nicole said.

Julissa's P.O.V

I was going to the bathroom and I saw Zayn and Perrie kissing.

"Zayn!"I yelled.

He turned around.

~To Be Continued~

Nicole's P.O.V

After I was done I went to check the mirror to see my makeup and behind me there're she was.

"Miss me?"Natasha said.

~To Be Continued~

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