Justin's P.O.V

I got to the hospital and saw Nicole lying there all hurt.

"Is she ok?"I asked.

"She needs blood and Niall is ok but his arm is really hurt."The doctor said.

Niall woke up.

"What happened?"Niall asked.

"You got in a car crash."The doctor said.

"My arm hurts!Nicole?"Niall asked.

"She's hurt and she needs blood from someone who has the same blood type."The doctor said.

"I'm her blood type!"Niall said.

"Really?"I asked.

"When our baby was about to be born she need blood so I gave her my blood."Niall said.

Niall's P.O.V

The doctor took blood from me to give to Nicole and this was all for her.

"What happened?"Nicole said.

"We got in a car crash."I said.


Justin left and the room was dark.I was happy that I spend the night next to Nicole well our beds were next to each other. I held her hand.

"Did you save my life?"Nicole whispered.

"I put my arm in front of you so you won't get hurt."I whispered.

"You are my hero and I could of died."Nicole whispered..

"I just wanted to save you and I have my blood for you."I whispered.

"Thank you do much I love you!"Nicole whispered.

"I would do anything to protect you and the ones I love."I whispered.

"What did Justin do?"Nicole whispered.

"He just did nothing while I tried to save you."I whispered.

"So are you getting married with Julissa?"Nicole whispered.

"No she is marrying Zayn."I whispered.

"So he's like the stepdad of the baby?"Nicole asked.

"Yeah but I wanted to have a baby with you!"I whispered.

"Aww stop it!This factory is closed!"Nicole whispered.

"Why not try a 3rd time."I whispered..

"But here?Now?"Nicole whispered.

"Why not?"I whispered.

"When you get better with your arm but for now you get a kiss!"Nicole whispered.

Nicole kissed me.

"Your sexy, babe!"Nicole whispered.

"Thanks babe!Are you going to break up with Justin?"I asked.

"Yes!"Nicole whispered.

"Well goodnight babe!"I whispered.

"Night baby."Nicole said.

~2 Days Later~

We got to the car and we went to Justin's house and I had a cast and Nicole had a scar in her right arm.

"Justin, we need to breakup."Nicole said.

"Why?"Justin asked.

"Because I want to be with this sexy guy!"Nicole said as she winked at me.

"Who's more sexier than me?"Justin asked.

"Umm Niall!"I said.

"Seriously you're leaving me for Niall!"Justin yelled.

"...I don't know."Nicole said.

"Are you going to be with me or Justin?"I asked.

~To Be Continued~

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