Nicole's P.O.V

"I'm Emma's real father."He said.

"Dad?"Emma said.

"Yes it's me."He said.

"Why are you doing all of this?"Emma asked.

"Because I'm broke and I want money."He said.

"You are doing this all for money?"Emma asked.

"Yes but I'm sorry."He said.

"Why don't you take your shit that you call money and leave!"Emma yelled.

"Don't you think that's a little too harsh."I said.

"Not for a father that left his wife and kids for another girl!"Emma yelled.

"I'm really sorry."He said.

"Sorry isn't going to fix my life!Madison is in rehab and the doctor said it's because her parents fought a lot!"Emma yelled.

"I'm truly sorry."He said.

"I never want to see you ever again!"Emma yelledas she ran towards her house.

Niall and I left the man alone and we walked to our house and we finally got there.

"Niall, we are just friends ok."I said as I lied in the couch.

"Ok babe."Niall said as he lied down next to me holding my legs.

"I'm really going to leave so I'm not going to keep this house."I said.

"Please don't leave!I want a kiss from you!"I said.

"No Niall!"I said.

"Please!"Niall yelled.

"No Niall!"I yelled.

"Please just one kiss!"Niall yelled.

"Fine!"I said.

I gave him a kiss and then it turned into making out and then other stuff happened.

Josh's P.O.V

I went to talk to Nicole at her house and I knocked at the door.No one anwsered and the door was opened.I opened the door and I tried to find Nicole.I saw her laying down next to Niall in her bed.

"Nicole!"I yelled.

"Josh!"She said as she stopped kissing Niall.

"You told me you would break up with this c*nt!"I yelled.

"I was but I can't because I love him and you have to face the facts."Nicole said.

"Have fun!"I yelled madly.

Nicole's P.O.V

I ran towards Josh before he left the house.

"Josh wait!"I said.

"What do you want?"Josh yelled.

"You are my best friend ever just like Julissa and everyone else."I said.

"I'm leaving!"Josh said.

"I love you!Please don't leave!"I said.

"Just give your heart a break!"Josh yelled as he left.

"Did you stop him?"Niall asked as he came towards me shirtless.

"No.He was really mad."I said.

"He's going to forgive you.Wait you didn't tell him that you were leaving right?"Niall said.

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