Niall's P.O.V

Harry finally let go of me when Nicole fainted. My neck really hurted. Julissa came and saw all of us and asked,"What happened?"

After that Zayn came kissing her on the cheek.

"What is happening?"I asked.

"Didn't you get my text message?"Julissa said.

"Your breaking up with me?"I asked.

"I'm really sorry it's just that I want to be with Zayn."Julissa said.

"Ok."I said.

After that Julissa and Zayn both called the cops and the ambulance. I couldn't talk a lot because my neck really hurted from the choking. The cops and the ambulance finally came and took Nicole and I but mostly Nicole.

Nicole's P.O.V

I woke up in the hospital and I couldn't remember a thing. I saw only Julissa in the room. julissa brought me some balloons which was so nice of her.

"Nicole, are you ok?"Julissa asked.

"Yeah!What happened?"I asked.

"Harry was choking Niall and you jumped on Harry back and he pushed you to the wall."Julissa said.

"Where is Harry?"I asked.

"He is in the waiting room."Julissa said.

"Well im not going to forgive him!"I said.

"Ok."Julissa said.

"I broke up with Niall!"Julissa said.

"Really?"I asked.

"Yeah."She said.

Where is Niall!?!?"I asked.

"He's in the room next door."Julissa said.

"I want to see him!!"I said.

Julissa said,"I'm sorry but the doctor said--"

"I dont care about what the fricken doctor said!!I want to see Niall!!"I said.

"Nicole calm down you will see him!"Julissa said.

~To Be Continued Later in the Chapter~

Niall's P.O.V

After we got to the hospital I was still awake.

"Niall, your neck is swollen so you need to take a special medicine ok."The doctor said.

"ok."I said.

The doctor left the room and Louis, Liam and Zayn entered the room.

"Hello lad how do you feel?"Louis said.

"I feel a little better."I said.

"Ok good so I hope you can sing for our new album!"Liam said.

"Where is Harry?"I asked.

"He is in the waiting room. Listen he feels very sorry!"Zayn said.

"Well I don't think I can forgive him for that."I said.

"But you two are friends!"Louis said.

"Did you pay attention he tried to kill me and steal Nicole from me twice not once but twice!!!"I said.

Liam said,"Well-"

"Where is Nicole?"I asked.

"She is in the other room next door."Louis said.

"I want to see her!!"I yelled.

"You will get to see her!"Zayn said.

"Don't worry the doctor will come with the medicine so you can leave!"Liam said.

After that the doctor came in and said,"Ok Niall here is your medicine and you can go now."

"Ok thanks!"I said.

I left the hospital room and went to Nicole's room but first I ran to a flower shop.


Nicole's P.O.V

After talking to Julissa, Niall came with some flowers.

"These are for you!"Niall said.

"Aww thanks."I said.

"I'll leave you two alone."Julissa said.

"Julissa told me that you two broke up."I said.

"Yeah I guess it wasn't working out and she is dating Zayn right now."Niall said.

"Well I'm happy for them."I said.

"Me too."Niall said.

"Yeah."I said.

"I saw you jump into Harry's back."Niall said.

"It was nothing."I said.

"You saved my life."Niall said.

"Well I had to do something I wasn't going to let Harry kill you!"I said.

"Well the first time you didn't do anything put this second fight you really saved me."Niall said.

"Well I was protecting you because..."I said.

"I love you!"Niall said.

"What noo I was not going to say that I was going to say I protected you because...I couldn't let Harry hurt you again and...."I said.

"And you love me."Niall said.

"Yes Niall I love you."I said.

"I love you too."Niall said.

After that Niall gave me a kiss on my nose.

"Have you talked to Harry?"Niall asked.

"No, I don't even want to talk to him!!"I said.

"Me either."Niall said.

"I want to breakup with him!"I said.

After that someone came to the room.

"Hey."Harry said.

~To Be Continued~

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