Julissa's P.O.V

Nicole finally came from talking to Harry.

"Guess what!Harry and I are officially dating!"Nicole said excitedly.

"Does Niall know?"I asked.

"Yeah because Harry and I are going out in public."She said.

"Oh ok."I said.

"I'm going to the lobby to pick up our key we lost."I told.

"Oh ok!"Nicole said.

I left to the loby and I saw him they guy I has a crush on.

~To Be Continued~

Nicole's P.O.V

After Julissa left to the loby Zayn came in and knocked the door do I opened it because I thought it was Harry.

"What are you doing here?"I asked.

"I came to see Julissa.Is she here?"He asked.

"No she is in the loby."I said.

"Ok thanks."He said.

So he left and Julissa took almost an hour to come back from the suite. Then she finally came.

"Where were you?"I asked.

".....I was in the...laundry."Julissa said.

"You said went to the loby not the laundry!"I said.

"Umm..."Julissa said.

"Tell me. The truth where we're you!??!?!!"I yelled.

"I was with...."Julissa said.

"Who we're you with?"I screamed.

"I was with Niall!"Julissa said.

"My ex boyfriend!?!"I said.

"Yes!Im really sorry but we are dating."Julissa said.

"Were you two secretly dating?"I asked.

"Yes I'm really sorry!"Julissa yelled.

"You could of told me truth and be honest with me!"I yelled.

"We've been dating since yesterday. When you spilled coffee at him I help him and I fell in love with him!"Julissa said.

"Well....as long as your happy I'm ok with it!"I said.

Even though I didn't felt comfortable with this I thought that at least she is moving on from Zayn! Speaking of Zayn what happened to him?

Zayn's P.O.V

After I went to see Julissa in the loby, I saw Julissa kissing Niall in the loby.It made me so mad so I went to my room and locked myself.

Nicole's P.O.V

After that Julissa went to the bathroom and i heard a knock on the door it was Niall.

"Hey, are you really dating l Julissa?"I asked.

"Yes and I really love her."Niall said.

"Why are you jealous?"He asked.

"No, are you jealous?"I asked.

"No but you are come on you know you cant resist this!"Niall said.

"I actually can't resist you because you are annoying!"I said.

"Come on you know you want to!"Niall said.

"Shut up!"I said.

Niall started to leaned so he leaned and leaned until he kissed me! Harry was coming to my suit with flowers until he said,"What is going on?!" So Niall pushed me back and we stopped kissing.

Julissa was coming from the bathroom and said,"What!"

I said,"It's not what it looks like!"

~To Be Continued~

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